Formed in early 2010, DPB was created as a result of the needs and recommendations identified through Missouri’s DREAM (Downtown Revitalization and Economic Assistance in Missouri) program. The city succeeded in a statewide competitive process in 2007, when Missouri’s governor honored Poplar Bluff by naming it DREAM city. DREAM cities from throughout Missouri participate in a three-year program that provides state support to create and implement long-term downtown revitalization plans.



DPB educates the general public about downtown revitalization, community development initiatives, economic opportunities, historic preservation, volunteerism, and civic collaborations to promote the growth and well being of the downtown area.


Lessening the Burdens of the Government

DPB supports start-up and established businesses, social service and civic organizations, city and county government agencies, cultural groups, and local citizens by acting as a catalyst to secure increased public and private financial support, specialized training and education, as well as new and improved community services that will bring new energy to the downtown historic and commercial districts, as well as improve the quality of life for all of the city’s residents.


Economic and Cultural Revitalization

DPB takes the lead in a close partnership with city and county governments, as well as other area groups, to coordinate the revitalization of the downtown and riverfront area, seeking to enhance sales revenues, community cohesion, historic character, riverway and railway traffic, and economic and cultural opportunities. 


Historic Preservation

Working in collaboration with the City of Poplar Bluff’s Historic Preservation Commission, other local and state agencies, as well as the business and civic sectors, DPB ensures that design and implementation of a master plan for downtown revitalization preserves the rich heritage of the city with its designated downtown historic district and multiple area landmarks that are listed on the National Historic Register